Why Is It Necessary To Hire Licensed Plumbing Contractors For Your Job?

Why Is It Necessary To Hire Licensed Plumbing Contractors For Your Job?

Piping, water heaters, and other plumbing-related fixtures are necessary for any home. That’s why it’s important to ensure that the job is done right the first time by hiring a plumbing contractor who is licensed and experienced. Not only will this help keep your home running smoothly, but it can also save you money in the long run. Keep reading to find out more about why hiring a qualified plumbing contractor is so important:

1. Licensing

Licensing provides a guarantee that the person you hire is qualified for the job. It also proves his or her experience and knowledge, which will show in their workmanship. A reputable plumbing contractor will have a valid license from your state or local municipality to practice as a contractor in your area. This ensures that they are up-to-date on all current regulations concerning licensing requirements. This may be why plumbers often charge more than other handymen – it takes years of rigorous education and training to become a licensed plumber.

2. Insurance Coverage

Many plumbing contractors are insured for property damage and personal injury claims. This means that you will be protected if the contractor damages someone’s property or causes an accident that hurts a member of your family or his or her workers during the installation, inspection, or repair processes.

3. Professional Knowledge and Expertise

Licensed contractors are forced to keep up with the latest information and technologies in their field. This means you can be sure your plumbing contractor has the knowledge, skills, tools, materials, and equipment needed to complete the job efficiently on time or within budget. Many of these accredited professionals also have specialty certifications in certain fields of work. For example, an HVAC technician might need special certification for working on indoor air quality issues.

4. Effective Plumbing Services

When you hire a licensed plumbing contractor, you can take advantage of the skills he or she has acquired over their years of experience. These workers are qualified for inspections, renovations, replacements, repairs, and installations. They may also be able to advise you on which measures will help your plumbing system run more smoothly.

5. Safety Standards

Licensed plumbers know health and safety codes that protect both the homeowner and the work crew. This means they know how to perform all necessary tasks in a way that doesn’t create hazards for anyone using the equipment or materials used during installation. Licensed plumbers are aware of government standards concerning ventilation exposure levels, ultraviolet exposure levels for outdoor fixtures, safe wiring procedures according to the National Electric Code, and other health-related issues.

6. Proper Equipment: Knowledge and Availability

Licensed plumbers have access to the most up-to-date equipment for completing their projects. This makes it easier for them to perform all types of repairs, replacements, or installations with greater ease and efficiency. Not only that, but they may also be able to bring ideas to your attention as a homeowner that you didn’t think about before. This is because licensed plumbers go through ongoing training programs and seminars on top of their school training.

Although an unlicensed handyman may save you money compared with hiring a licensed contractor, it can cause problems down the road if anything goes wrong – and something usually does go wrong with plumbing systems over time no matter how well they were initially installed. That’s why it’s better to hire a licensed contractor from the start. You’ll get a skilled, trained worker who also explains all of your options so you can make an informed decision.

What are the services offered by licensed plumbing contractors?

A licensed plumbing contractor can work on the following areas:

  • Snake drain cleaning: A plumber uses a snake to unclog blocked drains. The snake is equipped with a hooked end that can be used to grab and remove various types of blockages in the drain line such as hair and debris.
  • Repipe: If your home needs new piping, you may choose to repipe instead of replacing pipes one at a time.
  • Water heater repair: If your hot water heater is leaking or it has been making strange noises, you may need a professional to look at this appliance. Your plumber can check the temperature and pressure levels of the water in your tank to make sure everything is working properly.
  • Boiler services: Keep your boiler running properly with regular maintenance from your plumber. He or she can check for any leaks in the systems and replace air filters when necessary. If you have an oil-fired boiler, a plumber can adjust the valves to ensure that they are open all the ways for optimal performance.
  • Fixing faucets: A plumber knows how to fix any problems that arise with your bathroom and kitchen faucets. He or she can also suggest new ways to improve the functionality of these appliances, such as adding a pull-out faucet head for easier access.
  • Plumbing system installation: A licensed plumber can install new faucets, fixtures, and appliances. They also know different kinds of piping materials such as copper, PVC, and clay that may be used to construct a drainage system.
  • Water softener installation: If your home has hard water or other problems with the quality of its tap water, you may want to consider having a water softener system installed. A plumber can go over all of your options and explain the benefits of choosing one particular method over another, depending on your
  • Boiler installation: A plumber can install a boiler and connect it to your existing piping system.
  • Gas line installation: If you want to use natural gas for cooking or heating, you will need to have a professional come in and install the appropriate gas lines. Your licensed plumber can hook up the regulator and other equipment as needed.


When you hire a licensed contractor, you can be assured that the job will get done properly and efficiently. These plumbing professionals have years of experience on their side as well as all of the necessary training materials. They will also avoid taking any shortcuts on your project to save time, which ensures it gets done right from start to finish.

So, if you are looking for the services of a licensed contractor, be sure to hire one that can provide you with all of the above-mentioned options. This way, you will have peace of mind knowing your home is in good hands while they complete their plumbing project.