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The very first LED induct home air purification system that is both zero ozone compliant and mercury free in the industry. The Reme Halo LED system treats every cubic inch of air conditioned space proactively. Surface contaminants and pollutants, and airborne contaminants are reduced through bi polar ionization. Reme Halo LED is revolutionary, patent pending, technology! Instead of portable systems which cleans only a limited area, Reme Halo LED is a whole home air purifier. When it comes to the novelty coronavirus which is commonly known as COVID-19, the Reme Halo LED has been extensively tested on the virus. Studies have shown the Reme Halo LED is found to be 99.9% effective at neutralizing the virus.

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Features Of Reme Halo LED

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Who else uses Remo Halo LED Air Purifiers?

Both the Reme Halo LED and Reme Halo systems work in residential applications. If you want quiet operation and have limited space then Reme Halo LED is ideal for your home! If you want low maintenance requirements and energy efficiency then give us a call today.

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We Cater To All Your Reme Halo LED Requirements

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The best place to locate a reme halo system is in the ductwork of your HVAC system. This will ensure that all of the air in your home or office is being treated.
The size of the unit will be determined by the square footage of the space you are treating.
The light in your reme halo system should be changed every 2 years.

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