5 Reasons You May Need Furnace Repair 24-Hours!

5 Reasons You May Need Furnace Repair 24-Hours!

When it comes to furnaces, whether you’re using an old-style one or a newer model, there are certain signs that you need furnace repair 24 hours in Quakertown, PA.  If you are not sure, the following is a list of five reasons you may need furnace repair:

1. Lack of Warmth in the Room

The most obvious sign that you are lacking heat is if your room or home is not warm at all. If it’s below normal room temperature with no central heating coming through the vents, then it’s time to call for some help.

2. Strange Noises

Odd noises are common, especially when something is trying to heat up or cool itself down. However, some noises that even sound like normal ones can be signs of bigger problems. Hissing or unusual grinding sounds could mean that parts need oiling or lubrication.

3. Strange Smells 

Another indicator of a problem is an unusual smell coming from the furnace itself. This could be a burning smell or something even worse like gas or oil. If you notice either of these smells, especially if they are accompanied by one of the other signs on this list, it’s time to call for help instead of trying to fix it yourself.

4. Change In Performance or Efficiency

If your furnace has been working well for a long time and suddenly starts having issues, the problem could be something simple like airflow restrictions from dust build-up or animal nests. However, if this happens periodically when you turn on your furnace, there is probably some larger issue at play. Enquire about the new furnace installation cost in Quakertown, PA, and go ahead with the installation.

5. Age

Finally, after a furnace has been in use for around 15 to 20 years, it’s likely to start having issues that need repair. At this stage of the game, your HVAC equipment is getting closer and closer to needing an upgrade or replacement. The temperature settings are not quite as accurate because parts are worn down.

At this point, it’s best to contact a professional company for furnace repair 24 hours or emergency services to get the problem fixed as soon as possible.  At American Home Comfort, we offer 24-hour furnace repair services for Quakertown, PA residents. We specialize in all types of HVAC services including urgent repairs and replacements.

If you’re unsure if your problem is serious or not or wish to know the exact heat pump repair cost in Quakertown, PA, call us at 610-756-1235 for assistance.