Boiler Repair Emergency in Quakertown, PA!

Are you looking for a Quakertown plumber near you? American Home Comfort is the leading name when it comes to boiler repair emergencies in Quakertown, PA. We also do regular maintenance and replacement of boilers at affordable prices. Call us today on 610-609-8126.

A boiler is a device that produces hot water or steam for use in heating, cooking, and other systems. It is an integral part of any building’s plumbing system. When your boiler stops working, you need boiler repair emergency in Quakertown, PA right away to ensure there are no problems with your unit.

Signs of a bad boiler

You need to take a closer look at your unit if you start noticing any of these signs.

  • Your pilot light keeps going out. It may mean that there is not enough gas flowing from the valve to keep it lit. If this keeps happening, turn off the gas and call a Quakertown plumber as soon as possible.
  • The water is not heating properly, or it does not heat at all. This may mean that there is a gas leak. Again, turn off the gas if you see this and call us on 610-609-8126 as early as possible to fix the issue before it gets worse.
  • The noise level of your boiler is way too loud. This is a sign that the boiler is not installed properly and needs to be fixed.
  • You notice too much condensation on your windows. If this is happening, it means there are cracks in your system or the pressure has become far too high for some reason.

If any of the signs happen to you, do not hesitate to call 610-609-8126 and schedule for boiler repair emergency in Quakertown, PA. Our plumbers are highly trained and will get your unit back up in no time. If there is a gas leak or your pressure becomes too high, turn off your system immediately until our plumbers arrive at your location.