Ductless Air Conditioning Installation!

Ductless Air Conditioning Installation!

At American Home Comfort we understand the importance of keeping cool in the blistering heat of summer. If you are in need of an air conditioner that will make hot summer days bearable, look no further than our team. We offer world-class ductless air conditioning installation Quakertown, PA. Our trusted technicians are ready to deliver services you can trust.

DIY or Call in the Professionals?

Want to get hands-on during your free time and get the repairs done yourself? Don’t break a sweat or put yourself at risk. We’re here to assist you every step of the way, always with your best interests at heart. Do you want to keep your furnace in good condition next winter? Let American Home Comfort take care of it! We offer furnace installation and furnace repair services all year round.

Benefits of Hiring American Home Comfort

At American Home Comfort, we deliver services to you that are in perfect alignment with our company name. That’s right! We want only the best for you and your home by providing home comfort and peace of mind through all the services we offer. Need an air conditioner for all the hot summer days?  We’ve got you covered! Our services include AC installation and air conditioning repair services.

How to keep your AC well-maintained?

  • Air conditioning units need free-flowing air to work efficiently. Bushes, grass, and weeds that grow around the unit obstruct the airflow and this pushes the unit to work harder than needed. To avoid this, clear any plants growing near the unit. This will allow it to retain the airflow needed and ensures that the unit is being operated efficiently.
  • Air conditioning units need to drain the excess moisture gained from the condenser. The drain line can become clogged from the growth of algae. This can be prevented by flushing the line on a regular basis with the use of a little bleach. If algae have already plugged the line, use a vacuum cleaner to suck away the algae.

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